The ICO recently announced that due to COVID-19 it is pausing its investigation into real time bidding and the AdTech industry in order to avoid putting undue pressure on organisations. 

However, the ICO is still concerned about data protection compliance in the AdTech ecosytem. Whilst this is a temporary reprieve, the ICO clearly intends to restart its work in this area in the "coming months, when the time is right". 

Although there may be a lower risk of immediate enforcement in the short term, it is very likely the ICO will refocus its attention on AdTech data protection compliance in the near future. Therefore, organisations should continue to focus on data protection compliance in relation to current and future AdTech projects. 

You can read more about the ICO's concerns regarding data protection and AdTech in our summary here of the ICO's original report, and the ICO's update in January 2020 here

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