It is unsurprising that most of the press about law firms during the present crisis is focused on cost control and existential risks, so it is good when I see articles like this focusing on the opportunities that the crisis brings to accelerate innovation in the provision of legal services. Nothing like a crisis to focus the mind. 

However my experience of trying to spur innovation within a large law firm is that the "try anything and everything" approach is high risk, and usually low reward. It spreads (inevitably limited) resources thin, is difficult to get wide buy-in for (or even understanding of) and often leaves participants demotivated or disappointed. While sourcing input and ideas widely and from diverse sources is a key element of any strategy, equally as important is strategic leadership as to where the organisation wants to head and what it wants to be / evolve into. Without that leadership too few of the ideas will hit the target, or get the support needed to survive through the inevitable rounds of iteration to get it right.