Yet another article looking at the impact of the current crisis on legal innovation. The author notes a battenining down of the hatches by law firms when it comes to investment in legaltech. It should come as no surprise that firms are closely watching cost at the moment; as Stephen Allen of Hogan Lovells notes in the article "people are looking after cash". But that is different from firms pulling back from investing in business opportunities where there is a sound, continuing business case. The "stark contrast" to be looking for is between those that continue to invest in evolving how they and their clients practice law and those that pull back because they never really - institutionally - bought into the the need for change. If there is real buy-in, be on the look out for the firms that up their investment, looking for opportunities in the crisis.

As for the prospects for the legaltech vendors themselves, the market was ripe for consolidation before the crisis, so expect to see that play out over the coming months.