Law360 just published an article by my colleagues Peter Chan, Amy Greer, Jerome Tomas and Kurt Oldenburg analyzing public company disclosure in our current new normal.  The piece focuses on the SEC Investor Advisory Committee (IAC), created by the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010 and which has met at least quarterly, but often more frequently, since its inaugural meeting in June 2012.  Over the years, the IAC has become something of a barometer for future policy positions, and the May 4 IAC meeting is no exception. As my colleagues note, at the May 4 meeting, we heard a consensus that the SEC should continue to encourage more disclosure on how public companies are impacted by COVID-19 and what steps they are taking to weather the crisis.  The IAC is meeting again in just two days on May 21, and there are two disclosure recommendations on the agenda, which I expect will inform future Commission disclosure efforts.