The past few months have seen an exponential increase in the demand for personal protective equipment (“PPE”), medical supplies, and other products, along with actual or feared shortages in some of those same products as a result of COVID-19. 

To address this mismatch, many jurisdictions have employed a mix of a “carrot” approach (relaxing import duties and product regulatory requirements to facilitate the importation of these products) and a “stick” approach (imposing export restrictions prohibiting the exportation of these products). 

The resulting patchwork of jurisdiction-specific measures is fast-changing, as exemplified by the European Commission's most recent lift of an export ban on PPE introduced just two months ago, while a number of EU member states still maintain their own national export restrictions.

We've addressed this by launching a COVID-19 Product Import/Export Review ("COVID-19 PIER"), a multijurisdictional tracker and comparison tool to help companies stay on top of export restrictions and import measures affecting sourcing and supplying of PPE and other pandemic-related products to protect personnel and restart operations safely. 

With a few simple clicks, COVID-19 PIER allows companies to view and compare jurisdiction-specific measures and provides contact details of our local international trade experts.