Shelter-in-place or stay at home orders have been prevalent throughout the United States since March 2020 as state and local governments have sought to protect their citizens from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With the spread appearing to slow in parts of the US, several states are now implementing plans to relax these orders and re-open their economies. Keeping up with the evolving nature of these orders and plans is critical to the functioning of all businesses throughout the country.

We are pleased to provide this Tracker, which identifies the relevant state-wide shelter-in-place orders and their related expiration dates, as well as the applicable state-wide reopening plans, in each of the 50 United States plus Washington, D.C.

While most states continue to encourage or even require telework or work-from-home where possible, many states continue to gradually reopen sectors of their economies as indicated in the "What’s Open?" table, which we have added to each page to highlight the reopening status of four major sectors (office, manufacturing, retail and bars/restaurants).

Please check back for regular updates.

This week, the tracker reflects these latest developments:

  • The governors of a few states extended their shelter in place orders, including Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Texas and Utah. 
  • Several states have entered or will soon enter the next phase of their reopening plans or expanded the current phase to include more businesses or regions, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington. 
  • The state-wide shelter-in-place order in Delaware expired June 1, 2020 but phased reopening guidance is in effect.

Download the Tracker Here

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