The ICO published a statement on 13 November stating it is reviewing the two recommendations published by the European Data Protection Board ("EDPB") in relation to European Essential Guarantee for Surveillance Measures (here), and a recommendation for public consultation on supplemental transfer tools (here), which is open for comment until 30 November 2020.

The ICO has noted it is reviewing the recommendations and will consider whether it needs to publish its own guidance in due course. The ICO is also reviewing the revised draft of the Standard Contractual Clauses published by the European Commission (here), which are under consultation until 10 December 2020.

The ICO reiterated its advice that organisations should "take stock of the international transfers they made, and update their practices as guidance and advice becomes available". The ICO also noted it will continue to apply a risk based and proportionate approach to its oversight of international transfers in accordance with its Regulatory Action Policy.