Recently the Vietnam IP Office (VNIPO) has required that all documents (such as POA, agreements, declaration etc.) must be signed by legal representative(s) of companies (acceptable titles include without limitations to CEO, Director, Chairman or President).  We see that the VNIPO has issued a number of Office Actions in this regard.

Previously the VNIPO used to be more open in receiving documents filed by foreign companies,  and common signatories, such as Assistant Secretary or Authorized Counsel were sufficient to go.  

Applicants, particularly foreign companies, would likely be unhappy with this practice change, especially when many regions worldwide are still in lockdown/social distancing and/or work-from-home mode, causing huge difficulties on paperwork during this time.  

Check out our Legal Alert in the attached link for a full report and analyses on the new legal notice issued by the VNIPO in formalizing this practice change.