The first shutdown of an illegal streaming website in Switzerland! Under the name KBoxServ, a company based in Switzerland had distributed an IPTV box that law enforcement officials believe provided access to 82,000 movies and series, all of which were hosted illegally. According to the current state of the investigation, 20,000 streaming boxes were sold and a turnover of 1.9 million EUR was generated. Following complaints filed with Swiss authorities against the company - including from  major U.S. film studios - the Swiss authorities together with Europol begun coordinating investigative authorities in four European countries - and eventually seized and shut down 11 servers in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Officers also conducted nine house searches in all participating countries, arresting three suspects. Last but not least, eight bank accounts in Switzerland were seized. For the first time, the Swiss police then ensured that the provider's website was shut down. The website now displays a so-called "splash page", indicating the illegal nature of the service.