In May 2020, the ICO paused its investigation into real time bidding and Adtech, due to COVID 19 (see our summary here). 

On 22 January, the ICO announced it is now resuming its investigation. The ICO stated it will now continue with a series of audits and issuing assessment notices to specific companies over the coming months. The ICO noted the outcome of these audits will give it a clearer picture of the current state of the industry. The ICO also stated it will be reviewing the role of data brokers in the Adtech eco-system. 

Although the ICO has stated it may not be possible to provide regular updates, it will publish its final findings once it has concluded its investigation. 

The ICO's position is that organisations in the Adtech space should assess how they use personal data "as a matter of urgency". 

You can read more about the ICO's original concerns regarding data protection and Adtech in our summary here of the ICO's report from June 2019, and the ICO's update in January 2020 here.