On 25 January 2021, the Information Commissioner published a statement looking ahead to 2021. Key areas of focus for the Information Commissioner for this year include: 

  • continuing the immediate focus on supporting organisations with the impact of COVID 19. This includes protecting people's rights, and that data protection is considered at the earliest stages of any innovations; 
  • the Age Appropriate Design Code and children's personal data, once the transition period ends on 2 September 2021 (you can read more in our summary here); 
  • data sharing, following publication of the ICO's new Data Sharing Code of Practice in December 2020 (you can read more in our summary here); 
  • guidance on political campaigning, facial recognition and codes of conduct and certification schemes; 
  • ICO's operational work continuing, such as work into data broking, use of sexual crime victims' personal data, and Adtech. The ICO recently stated it is resuming its investigation into Adtech, which you can read more about here.

The Information Commissioner stated it would be guided by its priorities that it published in May last year (you can read more in our summary here) as well as its Information Rights Strategic Plan. 

The Information Commissioner's current term was due to end in July 2021. However, following a request from the Secretary of State for DCMS, her term has now been extended to 31 October 2021.