There have been a number of alleged claims in the Vietnamese music industry.  Vietnamese artists (who were trying to stay low key in the past), as well as audience, are recently becoming quite vocal if they believe that copyright is being infringed. 

Vietnamese IP system provides copyright owners, as well as other intellectual property owners, different avenues to address infringement.  It has also undergone significant reforms recently to comply with international standards under the CP-TPP, EVFTA and RCEP. However, in practice, taking enforcement actions against copyright infringement in Vietnam is still time-consuming, as local judges and authorities are not very much familiar with IP disputes in general, and thus, still require opinions from other agencies and authorities to render their decisions.  The need to set up specialized IP courts in Vietnam is quickly growing, as copyright owners and investors want their rights to be protected and enforced in a time-effective manner. Taking Thailand is a good example, back in 1997 when the "bubble economy" and financial crisis happened, Thailand came up with the best selling point to international investors by introducing their IP courts as its ace to keep and woo more and more investors.  Would Vietnam mirror the model in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines to dovetail an inception of IP courts in near future?