Kudos for the Mexican Data Protection Authority (INAI) for choosing to file a constitutional controversy against the Mobile Telephony Users Registry  (PANAUT) law reform. Decision speaks high about INAI's willingness to become an authentic privacy's advocate. INAI's predecessor (IFAI) lost that golden opportunity on 2009, when IFAI decided to pass on challenging a similar law, and hence, ended up backing up the government on a similarly illegal mobile telephony's user registry (RENAUT), leaving citizens to fight for their rights individually and courts to decided on the matter. RENAUT failed miserably. 

INAI's willingness to decisively challenge current Administration on this particular topic is not only a correct, but a brave decision;  in particular, considering the enormous political pressure that current  Administration is placing against autonomous agencies, such as INAI (threatening them even with  disappearing them if they oppose to government's will).