As the pandemic continues to affect economic and legal landscapes across Asia, businesses are challenged to adapt and address the unique complexities of these times. While many companies have seamlessly (and successfully) transitioned to a remote working set-up, a few are facing tough choices ahead - including layoffs and personnel changes - in order to retain their businesses.

Amid these changes and adjustments, protecting valuable corporate information has become even more important. The risk of misappropriation of confidential business information has increased manifold as a result of the 'work from home' work force and the inherent risks from employee departures. This online transition is coupled with the increasing risk of cyberattacks and online industrial espionage looking to exploit weaknesses in a business's online security.

We invite you to join the upcoming webinar around "Protecting trade secrets in the time of Covid" where our AP partners - Kherk Ying Chew, Andy Leck, Isabella Liu, Bienvenido Marquez III, Tanakrit Tangburanakij and Jo-Fan Yu - identify key high risk areas and share best practices to protect such information due to the shift in the operational landscape. Karen Roberts, our senior knowledge lawyer in Singapore, will also introduce our Trade Secrets Tool - an online resource that helps make quick risk assessment on the exposure of a company to misappropriation of its valuable corporate information. Register here to attend this complimentary webinar.