According to an online publication by the Ministry of Public Security (, on 19 August 2021, the Ho Chi Minh City Police ("Police") announced that they had been investigating the criminal case concerning the website (Phimmoi) per a prosecution decision. 

Please see a full article here:

The above article says that the Police disclosed that a person named Nguyen Tuan Tu was suspected to have operated the website with the help of two other individuals since 2014. The Police is asking relevant right holders to contact them to submit testimony and documents to assist with the case.

This is perhaps the first case that the Vietnamese Police have ever officially investigated and publicly asked for right holders' assistance. It is very likely that the U.S. and international filmmakers/owners will reach out to the Police to offer comments and help in this case. 

Assuming that this case is brought to a trial, copyright holders may eventually see how a lot of ongoing legal issues under Vietnamese are addressed, e.g., how the Police will be able to tie the concerned parties with the website, or how Article 225 of the Penal Code concerning copyright-related crimes will be interpreted by a Vietnamese court.