It was wonderful to join my partners Binxin Li, Marcela Trigo, Alexander Ritter and Mackenzie Martin on Tuesday for a discussion on how courts in China, Brazil, Australia, Germany and the US are dealing with novel issues in patent litigation relating to emerging technologies like cloud computing. It was particularly interesting to consider the varied approaches of different national patent courts when the respective steps in a patented method are undertaken in different jurisdictions. Mackenzie then wrapped up our first webinar by discussing some of the key considerations that patent applicants should bear in mind as they're drafting claims and managing portfolios that involve cloud-based systems and other distributed information technologies.

Thank you to everyone who attended this webinar. If you were unable to attend, you can view a recording of the webinar here.

We'll return on Wednesday, November 3 to discuss evidentiary issues that arise when patents are litigated across borders. We'll consider key issues when gathering evidence on a cross-border basis, like how can a party access evidence outside the jurisdiction where the proceedings are taking place. Please join us using the registration links below. The webinar will be hosted twice a day to accommodate global time zones. 

Session 1 (London 08:00 / Madrid 09:00 / Hong Kong 15:00 / Sydney 18:00)

Session 2 (San Francisco 08:00 / Chicago 10:00 / Toronto 11:00 / London 16:00 / Madrid 17:00)