On February 9th 2022, Juan Pablo Concha (Colombia) and Luis Alonso García (Peru) participated as speakers in the first Congress Against Counterfeit Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene and Domestic Cleanliness (Congreso Contra la Falsificación de Cosméticos, Higiene Personal y Aseo Doméstico), organized by the Peruvian Association of Cosmetics and Hygiene (Gremio Peruano de Cosmética e Higiene -COPECOH-). Luis Alonso made a very precise analysis on the evolution of counterfeiting and Juan Pablo based his presentation on the fight against counterfeiters from the Colombian perspective.

The event hosted more than 170 participants, among whom were directors of large companies in the consumer and goods industry, officials of the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office, and other reputable law firms.