We have expanded our Global Plant Variety Rights Guide to cover new jurisdictions and highlight significant developments in plant variety rights (PVR) laws across the world. Prepared by our specialist lawyers, the PVR Guide takes an in-depth look at the laws, regulations and practices affecting plant breeders and plant variety right holders in 27 key jurisdictions. The 2022 edition adds nine new jurisdictions including France, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

Our PVR Guide provides an easy way to get to know and compare different PVR systems around the world. We have had such a great response to our first edition and present here a timely update to our Guide. Using the Plant Variety Rights Summary, plant breeders and PVR holders can quickly check the basics by country. For a deeper dive, the substantive Guide provides the detail.

Both the Summary and the Guide enable instant comparisons to be made between jurisdictions, reducing the time and uncertainty of PVR decision-making. Access the Guide and Summary on Baker McKenzie's Resource Hub here.