More than 58% of Swiss voters today (15 May 2022) backed the "Lex Netflix" proposal which passed Swiss Parliament last October. In a nutshell, the new law will require global streaming platforms like Netflix and others to help finance Swiss film production. In the binding referendum, Swiss voters decided that international streaming services must invest 4% of the revenues they make in Switzerland into local film production. The investments can take the form of buying locally-made shows, making programs themselves or the investments can go into an investment fund. A parallel obligation already exists for TV broadcasters since 2007. The passed amendment to the Film Act now takes into account the significant shift in how audiovisual content is consumed and aligns the the obligations of TV broadcasters with those of streaming services. According to the Federal Culture Ministry, Swiss cinema production in recent years received on average CHF 105 million in annual financing. It is expected that the sector can now add an additional budget of CHF 18 - 30 million. The streaming platforms will also have to ensure European-made films or series make up at least 30 percent of the content available in Switzerland, as they are already required to do in the European Union.